4th Grade

  • One 3-inch 3-ring binder with clear pocket on the front
    No TRAPPERS OR ZIPPERS --The Staples brand with rubber on the edges will hold up all year!
    Make sure there are pockets inside the front & back covers.
  • 1 set of 6 of tabbed notebook dividers:  Labeled and placed in binder before school starts
    (Science, Social Studies, Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Math)
  • 3 composition books the plain ones with a black/white cover (cow books)
  • 5 - 1 subject spiral notebooks in these colors:  black, blue, green, yellow and red
  • 2 unopened packs of wide-rule loose leaf notebook paper
  • 1 pencil bag-no boxes that will hold 8 pencils, 1 glue stick and a box of colored pencils.
  • 2 packs # 2 plain yellow lead pencils 
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 2 black dry erase markers
  • 1 highlighter
  • 2 packs of cap erasers
  • 1 pack of colored pencils (that will fit in pencil pouch)
  • 4 or more glue sticks 
  • For Music Class:  1 folder and recorder or $6 to purchase a recorder
     Special Instructions:
     >Before the first day of school please purchase all of your supplies and put
       your binder together with your dividers labeled.
     >Label the following items with your child's name:  backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, 
       pencil pouch, jackets.